Ways To Make A Fun And Pleasant Journey When Travelling Alone

travelling aloneIf you are travelling on your own, here are some ways to make your travelling pleasant and fun.

Take photos

Taking photographs when travelling alone should be one of your missions. Even if it is just snapping strange places give structure to what happens to your day. Your friends back home will appreciate your shots and the story that goes with it.

Dine right

You might be tempted to just eat on fast food just to avoid large crowds. But don’t. Fancy restaurants are fantastic places to dine on your own. Waiters are happy to serve solo travellers and may even provide you with a special dish.

Start early

If you are afraid to go bar hopping on your own, you may want to just start your day early instead. Wake up early and enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your hotel. Then go to parks, museums and other daytime only activities to enjoy a fun day.

Find connections

Use Facebook and Twitter to take local friends of friends out for dinner. Find your people and you will be surprised how many people will take you up on it. Everyone likes a tour guide especially at night so they may bring you to a local club or even to a local football game, just make sure that you are also interested in the location.

Don’t just bury yourself in a book

It is easy to be bored by travelling alone and then bury yourself in a novel to escape the curious stare of people while eating alone in a restaurant or when you are in a public transport. But travelling alone means you also have the change to take a better look at your surroundings, make friends with locals and even travellers. Be confident to be on your own and introduce yourself to people when you feel you want to be more sociable.